www.YourFootPrint.uk is a CO2e calculator and certification system that calculates the CO2e of small farmers and landowners and helps them offset their CO2e emissions with plants and trees. It helps you show your customers how you are working to reduce your CO2e footprint. Your Footprint gives you an overview of your production. In Your Footprint, you can collect all your products, get direct contact with customers, and show your production's CO2e status, in a new and transparent way. The world needs to reduce CO2e emissions, and Denmark has a goal of being CO2e neutral from 2050. The people want more solutions and Your Footprint would like to be part of the solution, by contributing with a better overview of one's CO2e emissions, such so that more people can be inspired and gain knowledge to reduce their CO2e footprint.


Your Footprint aims to support and involve the farmer/woman in the development of a more sustainable production in relation to the reduction of CO2e, as we provide the opportunity to make calculations on their farm. Your Footprint contributes to the desire for CO2 neutrality by guiding and nudging the farmers, as our platform offers CO2 eq declaration, which can be used for direct marketing. In this way, it becomes valuable for farmers to restructure their farm so that less CO2e is emitted. At the same time, we ensure that the farmer has the latest available knowledge at hand, through our mediation, so that the farms can be continuously improved and optimized, in order to provide an even lower CO2e footprint.


In addition to all this, Your Footprints platform has a desire to strengthen biodiversity in Denmark. This happens because the calculations are made based on a balance between grazing and vegetation, so that the ecosystem does not break down and instead flourishes, which can reduce CO2e emissions. Therefore, Your Footprint is also interested in forestry, as well as private individuals who want to contribute to the green transition. At the same time, we give the farmers and forest owners some more possible sources of income, such as more valuable production and more opportunities for hunting and other leisure activities in the forest.